Medical Director

Dr. King is board-certified as a specialist with both the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Academy of HIV Medicine. Dr. King provides comprehensive primary care, urgent care and HIV specialty treatment and prevention, including PrEP via telemedicine.

Alejandra King, B.A.

Senior Office Manager

Mrs. King is the senior office manager of both the virtual telemedicine activity and our clinical office. Mrs. King is the primary translator for our bilingual and monolingual Spanish speaking patients during their appointments. She also resolves billing, staffing and facility matters including insurance concerns and patient navigation.

Dawn Howard, B.S.

Assistant Office Manager

Ms. Howard is the assistant office manager and the director of special projects. She serves as our new patient coordinator, to assist you with new patient appointments, insurance transitions, and medication assistance programs.

Ricardo Tavares

Referral Coordinator

Mr. Tavares is our referral coordinator and is key in helping our patients get to the specialists necessary to continue care. In addition to coordinating any imaging and pre-operation specialists appointments, he will assist you with any concerns or difficulties in making your specialty appointments. Mr. Tavares also serves as one of our PrEP navigators and will assist you in concerns addressing your access to PrEP.

Alexandria Lussa, M.A.

Patient Interaction

Mrs. Lussa handles the patient interaction via telemedicine – before, during and after each video session with Dr King. Alex will assist in setting up your laboratory orders that you and Dr. King discuss to address your health care concerns. She is also our in-office patient intake coordinator responsible for in-house lab activities and patient intake processing /followup for doctor’s orders to patients. Ms. Lussa is our telemedicine patient navigator.

Nichole Thomas White, MA

Nichole Thomas White, MA – Mrs. White is is the primary person that you will meet when you call our office. She can assist with appointment set up or reschedule and refilling medication requests. Mrs. White is also able to help with other clinical and administrative assistance you may need.

Jamie Mok- RD.

Registered Dietician and Nutritionist

Ms. Mok is our registered dietician and nutritionist- working both via telemedicine and in-person to manage patients with diabetes and renal illnesses. Ms. Mok will be able to address your nutritional concerns and is a crucial part of your diabetic, high cholesterol and weight management program.